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Training in Lüscher diagnostics

Today's form of Lüscher diagnostics offers a mature set of instruments which, with little effort and in a short period of time, provide initial indications of both the current and constitutional condition. A deeper psychological understanding recognizes inclinations, fixations, conflicting forms of behavior, early signs of neuroses and psychoses. A computer-assisted evaluation shows a cross-section of the current resilience factors, the coping strategy and possible affective disorders.

Lüscher diagnostics is no substitute for psychological training.Specific initial training is a prerequisite for the meaningful use of Lüscher diagnostics. Training in the form of seminars is also essential for an adequate understanding of Lüscher diagnostics. The Max Lüscher Foundation offers basic training in the use of the test as well as a multi-stage certificate training.

You can find out more under www.luscher-color.com.


Selected literature by Max Lüscher can be found here.
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