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On the occasion of the 100th anniversary ...

New publication:

9 September 2023 marked the 100th anniversary of Max Lüscher's birth. The Max Lüscher Foundation organised an anniversary celebration at the University of Basel - the former place of work of the jubilarian. The focus of the celebration was a series of lectures with international participants on the life and work of Max Lüscher, on the current state of research and on activities in the individual countries.

Musical entertainment and culinary refreshments provided a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere on this sunny day. At the end of the event, participants received the fresh-off-the-press monograph as a souvenir of the day.

The book is the 1st volume in the series Life and Work of Max Lüscher by the author Sylvia Kirscht. The title is: Reframing - Max Lüscher. Begründer einer relationalen Diagnostik der Selbstgefühle (Hippocampus Verlag).

About the content:
The psychologist and philosopher Max Lüscher (1923 - 2017) became internationally known through his colour diagnostics - the Lüscher Test - when he was only 24 years old. The colour test very quickly found its way into the public eye due to a wide range of media coverage.
The situation is different with regard to the knowledge of its origin and development;
and even less is known about the preliminary considerations and the theoretical prerequisites of the colour test. By attempting to reconstruct the beginnings of its development, this book aims to close this gap. Insofar as contemporary historical aspects are also taken into account, Max Lüscher's phenomenological-anthropological approach can be placed back in its original context.